Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DO NOT buy on ebay from these assholes!

I purchased a 5 piece luggage set from them and paid for it the same day. They sent the incorrect item (a three piece set) in it's place. When I emailed them to point out the error of their ways, they said that I should be grateful because the set I got was worth more then the one I bought!

I needed 5 pieces, so I said that I would need the original set. I had to send the one they erroneously sent out back, at my own expense. I then did not hear from them for a week despite three emails from me. They only responded to me once I left them negative feedback. (Their response was to leave negative for me, despite me paying on the same day as auction end.)

It has taken them three weeks to dispatch the correct item. They also claim that they adhere to the NSW fair trade policy. I can find in that document where it states that if a purchaser is sent the wrong item, he has to pay to get it returned.

These people are scum. I STRONGLY advise you NOT to purchase anything - ever from them. The risk is too great that you will be ripped off and left negative feedback for your trouble.

If you currenty have a bid on anything with them, then I suggest you retract it, cancel it, do whatever you can to avoid dealing with them. By the way, "they" are Auction Depot Australia.

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