Saturday, June 17, 2006

Low Carb Dave Blog

I've just had a look at Dave's informative blog on the low carb way of life and I have been honoured with a post all about "Against the Grain"! Thanks Dave - and it's only right that I return the favour. His blog is called lowcarbdave and is packed with lots of info for any low carbers out there.

Unlike the famous Jimmy Moore who is kicking butt in maintenance, Dave and I are still in the "on going weight loss" stage of our lifestyles so keep in touch both here at Against the grain and over at Dave's site to check on our progress and keep us honest.


detox said...

I just found your blog via Lowcarb Dave and I am quite impressed, you are doing a good job here. You've got a new regular reader ;)

Steve said...

Hi detox. I'm glad you stopped by. I'll try and keep my blog informative for you and anyone else that is interested in the Low Carb lifestyle.


Jimmy Moore said...

Famous, huh? More like INFAMOUS! Ha! THANKS for the mention, Steve. See ya!

Lowcarb_dave said...


Thanks man!


Love your blog!