Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some people need motivation to excersise

Here's mine!

Click on the image for supersize! lol

Her name is "Bonny" and she'll be three in October of 2006. We get 40 minutes a day brisk walk, plus she also gets 10 to fifteen minutes in the "off-the-lead" park chasing a tennis ball.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned the raw meaty bones newsletter. Those people do good work. They, as I, believe in a diet for canines (and felines) of raw meaty bones. I have found that the best source for these are either the local butcher or Lenards chicken stores.

She started straight from the mother's teat on chicken necks. It used to take her about five minutes to consume each one.

By the time she started swallowing them whole, I moved her on to what "Lenards" called a chicken casserole mix.

Basically it was just a full chicken carcase (sp?) with the wings and legs cut off, then the body is quartered. The whole lot goes into a bag for $1.99 a kilo. (No innards though unfortunately) At the butchers next door they have "pet's delight" which is just roughly diced organ meat, so I get a kilo of that too.

1 kilo of each feeds her for four nights because she also gets all table scraps (except cooked fowl bones and onions) and a medium handful of dried biscuits. Twice a week she gets a raw chicken's egg cracked over the meal too.

Once every four to six weeks she gets a bone that would be over half a metre long (some sort of thigh bone) and I don't see her for a couple of hours or more after that. Usually when I do she has dirty paws and nose.

At Christmas and her birthday (1/OCT) I get her a whole rabbit from the butcher. Probably spoiling her but she was my only companion until I met "her indoors" so she is special to me.

I only feed her five to six times a week, because I believe that as an animal in the wild her genetic bretheren don't eat every day so neither should she.

For those that are curious about her breeding, her mother is a Red Heeler, sometimes called a Queensland heeler, and her father is a German Shepherd Rottweiler cross.


Newbirth said...

I don't think my cats would go for raw food. Xena's been on cat food since she was weaned and wouldn't recognize raw food as food at all. Abby *might* because she's a street kitty and used to kill mice and bugs. She still kills the fuzzy mice toys. But she's really happy with dry food and likely wouldn't go back to raw stuff.

Steve said...

Hello again Newbirth. Your cats would soon get used to raw food.

You do have to be cruel to be kind though. Give them a meal of chicken necks for example and let them eat it. If they don't, they go hungry. Give it to them for their next meal - and their next - and their next. They will soon be hungry enough to eat what you put down, not what they demand.

You musn't cave in though. Give them nothing else until they are regularly eating raw meaty bones.

Good luck, and let me know how you go if you try. Leave a comment here, or e-mail me at