Thursday, July 27, 2006

Have you heard of Little Becky?

According to ABC radio in Perth (720Hz AM), Little Becky is a 12 year old girl that works for an Irish radio station in Dublin (98FM).

She makes prank calls to various people and with her accent and attitude, she's very funny.

Have a listen to these:
Advance Pitstop: Little Becky has an issue with a spare tyre
Dublin Zoo: Little Becky has a strange request
Des Bishop: Comedian Des Bishop finds the joke’s on him!
Driving Test: Little Becky wants to hit the road!
Channel 4: Big Brother’s got a new star!
Peter Mark: Little Becky considers her career options
Harvey Norman: Little Becky tackles “those” ads
Orange Order: Little Becky works on Cross-Border Relations
Mariah: Little Becky lives the life of Mariah Carey!
Crane Hire: Little Becky sorts out her lazy dad!

Or you can listen to or download 6 of the files from Gold 104 in Melbourne, or you can get the full collection from Dublin 98FM.

To this philistine in the colonies, she sounds more Welsh to me but I guess I wouldn't know. Have a listen and enjoy ......



Anonymous said...

Becky is actually only 8 years old.....believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

becky claims to be 8 when shre makes the prank calls however it says hear that she is 12.

Simon Jones said...

She was 8, she is now 9. If you don't believe me you can read my post about here at

Anonymous said...

Little Becky has a posh Dublin accent .

Anonymous said...

She is very well spoken and she can do any accent.

Anonymous said...

This is not a nice photo.There is a beautiful one of Little Becky on

Anonymous said...

hey i think shes great she cracks me up everytime i listen to her keep them comin becky xxxxxxx