Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The World’s Unhealthiest Burger?

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen as a Paleolithic disciple!

I have liberated this with permission from Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low-Carb blog. After reading his post I just HAD to paste it here and comment as well.

With food insanity like a 19-pound cheeseburger entering the ever-changing world of Americana, you knew something like this CBS story was going to happen sooner or later.

A bacon cheeseburger without any bread is an excellent way to enjoy a quick meal on the go or when you are taking in a fun-filled minor league baseball game. But for fans of the Sauget, Illinois-based Gateway Grizzlies baseball team, the concession stand has taken this perfect low-carb meal and ruined it with the worst possible food you could eat on low-carb.

That's right, they put that perfectly good hamburger with cheese and bacon between two high-sugar, carb-loaded piping hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts! EWWWW! The author of the column describes this as "a heart attack waiting to happen," although if you remove the doughnut it would be perfectly fine.

If you are, um, I mean, willing to put your health at risk to eat one of these gimmicky burgers, then be prepared to shell out $4.50 for one of these bad boys containing nearly 1,000 calories.

Do you want to know what is most pathetic about this donut bacon cheeseburger hoopla? Jeff O'Neill, a spokesman for the ballclub, said doing reckless marketing promotions like this is what they have to do to make money for the team.

“With minor league baseball we have to work extremely hard to get fans to come out here,” he said.

How about some quality baseball, Mr. O'Neill? Or a free T-shirt night? And you might even try any number of other interesting and innovative ways to drum up fan support. But making a bacon cheeseburger with two donuts as the bun?! That's borderline irreponsible in a county where two out of every three Americans are already overweight or obese because they are eating unhealthy!

Now I'm not suggesting you offer baseball fans salads or anything, but a normal cheeseburger, corn dog, popcorn and the rest of the typical fare you can get from a concession stand at the ballpark is bad enough for fans to eat. Why tempt people even more with such garbage?! This sorta reminds me of the whole deep-fried candy bar craze that has hit the past few years. YUCKY-POO!

Yucky-Poo! indeed Jimmy. Literally! I can't imagine anything more revolting (in taste and nutrition) than one of these burgers. The KK doughnuts have to die. Let's face it, it's us or them.

There is an interesting video here to watch. Try to use a bucket when you watch these people eat this abomination....


Newbirth said...

That honestly looks yummy to me! I'm still a carb addict at heart.

Steve said...

I just had a look at your profile at your blog, Newbirth, I from looking at your figure, it's hard to believe you're a carb addict.