Saturday, July 01, 2006

The ultimate snack food - NOT!!!

Melbourne scientists have developed the ultimate tasty, healthy snack food to boost the brain, heart and immunity, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Ooooo, I know, it's eggs isn't it? Natures perfect food. I like 'em done any way, but especially fried. Mmmmmm runny yolks, a pinch of salt 'n' pepper. Delicious! Let's keep reading.....

The parmesan cheese cracker topped with organic mashed potato contains a natural appetite suppressant and a natural compound to increase liking for it.

WHAT?!?!?! Parmesan cheese crackers? (57.5% carbs - and none of them good!) topped with mashed potatoes? (17% carbs and none of them good either!) What a crock!

Look at chicken's eggs. Here is a sample of a 60g fried chicken's egg (how I like 'em):
Out of the 60g,
12.6 is fat - 19% of Daily Value
304 mg of cholesterol - 101% of Daily Value
88mg of sodium - 4% of Daily Value
0.3g of Carbohydrate - 0% of Daily Value
9.6 g of protein - (Daily values depend on age, sex and body composition etc.)

Its creator, Dr Russell Keast from Deakin University, said the palm-sized snack might not be natural Duh! but it conformed to three lasting consumer trends: healthy food that is convenient and organic.

"This snack has natural additives ... to improve brain and heart function, boost male virility and improve immunity," Dr Keast said.

Primarily it's a vehicle for these health compounds but it must also be flavoursome, he said.


How about we all e-mail Dr. Keast and let him know how "healthy, convenient and organic this creation really is?

1. Healthy? Personally, I don't believe this is healthy at all. And if you are reading this, chances are, you don't believe so either. Crackers and potatoes? I guess to make it even more healthy, we could melt some chocolate over it?

2. Convenient? I think not. Peeling, boiling then mashing potatoes. Wasn't that punishment in the armed forces way back when? It's a lot more convenient to boil, or even fry, an egg.

3. Organic? Cheese crackers are organic? Okaaaaaaaaayyyyy.........

Now here's a healthy, convenient, organic snack...

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