Monday, July 10, 2006

Stella sheds 62.5kg to be a winner

Stella Nicola before WW where she lost 62.5 kg (137.5 lb)

This is Stella Nicola. She has shed almost half her body weight to be Victoria's "Slimmer of the Year".

Mrs Nicola, 37 and mother to three sons and three daughters, decided to lose some of her 129kg after one of her sons was involved in a fight defending his "fat mum".

She joined Weight Watchers in March last year to slowly but surely lose 62.7kg. As well as her son's fight, she said her low self-esteem and declining health were responsible for her decision to diet.

Stella has mentioned the three best reasons that I can think of for losing weight and becoming lean and healthy. Low self esteem, declining health and your own kids.

Stella used to have a BMI of 43.7 which put her in a dangerously obese category.

The Victoria and Tasmania winner of Weight Watchers' 2006 Slimmer of the Year said a family video at her youngest daughter's first birthday showed how far she had let herself go.

All that I can do is congratulate Mrs. Nicola on a phenomenal job well done. Although she didn't go against the grain, she has put in a mammoth effort and it has paid of in spades.

She now has a BMI of 23.2 which is in the "normal" range of 18.5 to 24.9

Stella Nicola now, 62.5 kg lighter and looking great

Stella, if you are reading this, my heartfelt congratulations.


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