Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bigger and beefier

Remember 2004? Jet was the biggest band in the nation, Princess Mary won our hearts and a film by the name of Super Size Me was released.

In it, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock became very unhealthy when he ate only McDonald's for a month. The film helped spur McDonald's into adding healthier options to its menus and focused both the US and Australia on our expanding obesity problems.

Well, the Yanks seem to have forgotten about all of that.

How else to explain Burger King's latest product - the Quad Stacker. That's four patties of beef, cheese and bacon (no vegetables or salad) squeezed into a bun. At first I thought the story was a joke (once again something The Onion wrote comes true) but, no, there it is on the Burger King's US website, exploding out of the screen (oh, and there are toys to go with it - c'mon kids, eat a burger that's larger than your head!).

The Quad Stacker is perhaps a challenger to KFC's Famous Bowls - named by the Los Angeles Times as the worst fast food in the nation. The Famous Bowls (famous for what, exactly?) consist of a tub of mashed potatoes or rice, with yellow corn, fried chicken nuggets, gravy and three types of cheese. This is not a boxed meal with various separate parts - it's one big bowl of stuff all mixed in together.

Now if only KFC would add four beef patties to the bowl, we could have ourselves an outright winner.

So, if you were forced to eat one of these items, which one would you choose? (For those who care about calories, the bowls have 710, but the burger gets up to 1000. Whopper indeed.)


Lowcarb_dave said...

Yep, Atkins will kill us, meanwhile burger King is making profits from it's junk food.

Obesity and Diabetes are still up!

Things are going great in the Western World!!

iFitandHealthy said...

I think it is not so much the calories that matter, but the quality of ingredients. 1000 calories in one seating is a little hard to justify. But if they come from quality ingredients they could be put to a good use, post exercise feeding for example.

helen said...

Firstly we would have to know if there was any soy in their meat patties & if they contained transfats or were cooked in transfats. Then I would throw away the bun bit & eat the meat - if it was just meat!!
As for KfC wouldn't touch it now (once yes)but have you ever noticed that it actually stinks, especially when the oil it's cooked in is a transfat !