Wednesday, August 09, 2006

School fast food ban...

Appearing in yesterday's paper was this story about Dandenong P.S. banning parents coming to school at lunchtime and delivering KFC, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and McDonalds to their kids.

The excuse is that they don't have enough time in the morning to make their lunches.

Surely if you can spare the time at lunchtime, you can spare the time to make something wholesome at home? These people are killing their kids with this ridiculous practice and I can only give top marks to Leonie Fitzgerald, Principal, for introducing this scheme.

Apparently the parents are supportive of it too. Ms Fitzgerald said that "the ban had drawn a positive response from parents who were taking the school's advice to prepare healthier lunches for their children".

Well, that is good news. Even though the parents were "guilted" in to it, I say - whatever works.

In other, related news, Ms Fitzgerald said "the school had also employed a fitness instructor to help teachers get fit and was reviewing the canteen menu".

A nutritionist would also speak to students, staff and parents next week.

All good news from what I can tell from here. I wonder what the "revised" canteen menu will offer? No doubt, the Australian Heart Foundation food pyramid will be a big factor in deciding the new menu. Pity.

In today's paper, Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks has supported Dandenong Primary School in their descision, saying "good on them for working with parents. This is really parent power in action".

He fails to take it to the next level and ban this sort of food state wide in public schools though.

Addmittedly, the government has already announced a ban on soft drink at schools and is considering restricting lollies and chips. I guess we have to take it in baby steps.


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helen said...

While you can still buy this stuff in the big wide world parents will still buy it for their kids just about everyday for a "treat". Instead of once a year which is what a treat should be. & it is pretty doubtful that such poisonous crap is a treat anyway - but I suppose what ever floats your boat! Governments will never go far enough when it comes to junk food - but hey try to sell a vitamin pill if you are pan pharmceuticals - what closed down & out of business.....amazing!