Saturday, August 12, 2006

The new square meal.

From Sky news UK comes this story.

Square watermelons - created for easy storage - are to be introduced to Britain.

The bizarre-looking cuboid fruit caused a sensation in Japan when they went on sale there five years ago.

Now UK shoppers will get their first taste of the Brazilian-grown melons from October as a supermarket starts selling them.

Farmers create the fruit's unusual shape by putting them in transparent boxes while they grow.

The melons take around 60 days to reach maturity.

Tesco's exotic fruit buyer, Damien Sutherland, said the cuboid melons would be easier to store and eat.

He said: "We've seen samples of these watermelons and they literally stop you in your tracks because they are so eye-catching.

"These square melons will make it easier than ever to eat because they can be served in long strips rather than in the crescent shape."

The cuboid watermelons cost around £46 each in Japan ($113AUD) but will be more reasonably priced at less than £5 ($12 AUD) each when they go on sale in Tesco this autumn.


Not exactly what I'd call natural fruit, but I guess if all the grower does is grow it in a box to influence the shape, then fruit is fruit I s'pose.


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