Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Crazy" John takes up the fight.

Most Aussies would recognise this bloke.

That's right, he's the mascot for "Crazy John's", Australia's self proclaimed leading mobile phone retailer. The owner, John Ilhan, has made the paper again today, calling on the food industry to improve labelling standards.

Apparently, his daughter, Jaida, 5, has a severe allergy to nuts. That is very unfortunate and my best wishes go to Jaida and her family.

Mr. Ilhan has in the past donated $1 million for a new allergy research foundation at the Royal Children's Hospital. Good on you John!

I ask my reader to support him because of his efforts in helping find out what causes these food allergys.

Mr Ilhan said he and his wife Patricia have to closely monitor the food Jaida eats as her allergy is life-threatening.

"There are thousands and thousands of children at risk and we need to do something about it," he said.

An overhaul of the food industry's labelling practices could cost millions, but Mr Ilhan said it would be worth it.

"If it's good enough to ban smoking in restaurants, it's good enough to protect our kids," he said.

AMA federal president Mukesh Haikerwal said too many producers are stamping their products with vague, meaningless warnings such as: "This product may contain traces of nuts".

"It's a cop-out and it's only being done as a means of protection," Dr Haikerwal said.

Health Minister Bronwyn Pike has called on peak food control body Food Standards Australia New Zealand to investigate tougher labelling rules.

Australian Food and Grocery Council chief executive Dick Wells said it had been working with manufacturers to minimise "may contain" warnings.

One in three Australian children has food allergies.

'Crazy' John Ilhan

Good luck with your quest, John.....


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