Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday mixed Grill - August 14th 2006

Monday mixed Grill - August 14th 2006

Here's a quick summary of events and blogs for the last week.

  • You should get some tests done before you start your new Paleo way of life. Check out this post for a sample of what you should do both at home and at Pathology.

  • Crazy John Ilhan takes up the good fight.

  • I received an email from Matt at the Obesity Discussion forum. Check his forum out - lots of good info there.

  • The Brits are following in the footsteps of the Japanese and are going to be selling square watermellons to their "round" citizens.

  • Jimmy Moore interviews Dr. Jonny Bowden, and also asks if you think this is the body of an obese man.

  • Low Carb Dave blogs about a new group for meat and eggs followers on his Auslowcarb forum, and also tells us a bit about the Kimkins diet.

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