Monday, August 14, 2006

What kind -vore am I?

The suffix vore comes from the Latin word vorare, meaning to devour, and is used to form nouns indicating what kind of a diet an animal has. Equivalent adjectives can be formed through use of the suffix vorous.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you'll fit into the first category. The following is a list of words ending in vore, as well what kind of diet the word indicates.

Omnivore - Plants and meat. Some fish, some birds and many mammals including pigs, bears, humans and foxes.
Carnivore - Meat. Felines, Polar bears (probably not through choice), birds of prey, snakes and sharks.
Herbivore - Plants. Horses, deer, rhinos, giraffes, some primates some birds and rabbits.
Detritivore - Decomposing material. Worms and dung beetles.
Folivore - Leaves. Sloths, koalas and Iguanas
Frugivore - Fruit. Some birds, some bats and lemurs.
Granivore - Seeds. Some insects and some birds.
Insectivore - Insects. Frogs, lizards, some bats and some spiders.
Limnivore - Mud. Some fish mainly catfish.
Nectarivore - Nectar. Some insects, some birds, some bats and the Australian Honey Possum.
Mucivore - Plant juices. Some insects.
Mycovore - Fungi. Mainly (micro)organisms.
Palynivore - Pollen. Bees, wasps butterflies, and moths.
Piscivore - Fish. Some fish.
Sanguinivore - Blood. Vampirte bats, leeches, mosquitoes and allegedley Count Vlad the impaler.

Personally, I fit into the first category with strong leanings toward the second one. How about you?


UPDATE: I just thought of one that I think should be included in the list..

Technovore Unnatural food/chemicals. Humans that eat anything that contains Trans fatty acids, Highly refined flour, processed white sugar or juice squeezed out of a cow.

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