Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday mixed Grill - August 21st 2006

Here's a quick summary of events and blogs for the last week.

  • The Age newspaper are conducting a poll on Diabesity. View the current results here.

  • I've managed to finish Anthony Colpo's book The Great Cholesterol Con. Stay tuned for my review coming in the next few days.

  • Jimmy Moore is going to be coming out of your speakers now too!! He is involved in a podcast with three other guys. Find out about it here. The podcast service is going to start up next week.

  • Speaking of next week, I anticipate a bad night (nutrition wise) on Saturday night (26th August). My mates are throwing me a bucks night. That's right, this cave man has clubbed himself a cave woman and is tying the knot! I'll let you know how Saturday night pans out in a future blog post.

  • Thigs seem to be very quiet at the moment over at the Low Carb Dave site. It looks like he's a very busy man.

  • Pre Paleo medical checkup.

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    The monday funny.......

    In honour of my Cavewoman


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    *s* said...

    Hi. I only recently found out about Trans Fat. I just ran across your blog today, I've enjoyed what I've read so far. Thanks for getting the word out.